Deviant Reflection

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I always viewed the term deviance as a negative connotation, and more related to illegal behavior or crime. Deviance is defined as any behavior, belief, or actions that are abnormal from a specific cultural norm (Kendall, 2017). Never had I imagine simple, everyday things such as piercings, tattoos, or evening the coloring of one’s hair would be considered a deviant action. I grew up in a pure structural-functionalism environment, while my mother taught me to be accepting of my peers and of differences. The Golden Rule, the expression of the supreme essence of morality (Apressyan, 2016) was the model my mother, my significant other, portrayed and became my foundation for my role-taking (Kendall, 2017) during my development of self-concept. This subjective reflection will review how I am considered a deviant of societal norm, and how I felt watching videos of perceptions of deviant and social deviant experiments. I Am a Deviant…show more content…
Society depicts the norm age of women to marry is about 23 years (Allendorf, 2017); usually, these women have children. Being a woman in my mid-30s, I fall out of this norm, I am a deviant. I encounter many that are shocked that not only am I single, never married, that I have no children; I fall into Merton’s strain theory of deviance in the category of innovation. I share culturally accepted goals, but my methods of achievement along with what I value is different (Kendall, 2017). However, I am still a member of society following honest, good values and successful ideas. I share most of the core American values which include individualism, achievement and success, activity and work, and equality and humanitarian. I am a member of society by working in a hospital providing a service to others, I am back in school to advance my career, and I volunteer at an animal
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