Mesiodens Case Study

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ABSTRACT The present case report describes a mesiodens in an 8-year-old boy. The purpose of this article is to emphasize the importance of space closure in the mixed dentition facilitating the eruption of a permanent tooth. The clinical, radiographic appearance and therapeutic considerations are presented. The outcomes of the present case is to alert the clinician that an early extraction of the mesiodens can be useful as it allows greater space conservation which can be utilized for the permanent tooth to erupt. INTRODUCTION Supernumerary teeth are teeth in excess of the normal number1. When located in the maxillary central incisor region a supernumerary tooth is called mesiodens and its prevalence has been estimated to be 0.15 to 2.2% of the population with a…show more content…
Distoproximal caries was noted with 64 and so as to investigate further, routine radiographic examinations were carried out. The radiographs revealed impacted lateral incisors both right, left and Distoproximal decay with 64 (Fig 2a, b and c). 2a 2b 2c Fig 2a, b and c. showing blocked lateral incisors and Distoproximal decay with 64. A multidisciplinary approach is desirable to manage this type of case. The mesiodens was extracted under local anesthesia (Fig 3) along with the extraction of 64 followed by orthodontic space closure by a removable appliance (Fig 4). Fig 3 Fig 4 Fig 3 and 4 showing Extracted specimen mesiodens, removable appliance with 11 and 21. The patient was kept under observation and recalled after 3 weeks. After 3 weeks the labial frenum’s inflammatory enlargement was recorded (Fig 5); so it was planned to perform a frenectomy procedure (Fig 6) followed by continuation of the removable orthodontic appliance (Fig

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