Mesoamerica Geographical Setting

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Student Name Brian Romero Geographical Setting: What continent? What Landforms? What important Places? Mesoamerica was mostly dryland and it was perfect for farmers to grow crops. There was a lot of forests that affected the from planting anything. That is where the slash-and-burn technique comes in. Political (Leadership, citizenship, decision-making institutions) There were many rulers who made tyrant like decisions such as having more people be taken for sacrifice and even more harsh strict lives for the slaves which would be raised for service. Leaders: (Include Name, Time period and achievements) The leaders of mesoamerica where mostly tyrants who were kicked out by their own people which was bad because they lost a good chunk…show more content…
The slash-and-burn technique was mostly used because people would not have enough space because of the forests so they would burn some of that and then have some farming land. There was a lot of volcanoes that would burn all that away which was good and bad at the same time because there was many rich soil that could be used for the crops, and the bad thing was that all that would be wiped out. So this was a bad thing not only because they lost their forest but because they lost lots of crops too. They all used many techniques but this one was the most popular by far. Social Order (customs, education, family life, class and caste, leisure activities, decision-making, gender roles) The aztecs social order was that everyone was to fallow the traditions and what the people believed as their costumes this was how they also raised children and thought to give them internal…show more content…
They played a ball court game that was for their religion the winner was taking for sacrifice for the gods because they thought that they are mortal so they needed to sacrifice their own blood and hearts to keep them alive or else, everyone would just go crazy. They had gods almost on everything including the god of the rivers Aesthetics (Art, literature, music, dance, leisure activities, legacies to world culture) The aztecs thought as parrots feathers to be holy and thought this to be as art to them from the gods and they also knew that if they wore that clothes that meant that it was someone

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