Mesoamerican American Culture Essay

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Archaic period sites across Mesoamerica resemble the same building methods and technology used by other groups spread throughout the Southwestern and Southeastern regions of North America. Artist 's depiction of an Archaic period village.[224] Paleo and Archaic era groups carried influenced technologies from these groups with them as they migrated into the Mesoamerican region. These were the hunter-gather groups that were beginning to settle and merge into archaic settlements. These groups learned and developed near similar technological concepts and ideas within their own cultural practices. These cultural practices developed into being distinctively Mesoamerican. The changed climate and an ever increasing human population with hunting techniques that continually improved, the large animals in the Americas began to perish. By 8,000 years ago, two-thirds of all North American animals…show more content…
Besides the bison, the great beasts that the first migrants for so long relied upon for sustenance were now gone.[27] The majority of the population were in groups of highly mobile hunter-gatherers. But now some of these individual groups began to settle as they started to focus on resources available to them locally. As time passed these groups became permanently settled and shared knowledge, customs, and beliefs with neighboring groups. These early settled groups progressed into the Basketmaker Era of the Archaic cultural period. This was when some groups became distinguishably different from other archaic settlements by the basketry they used to gather and store food. These archaic basket weaving groups became reliant on wild seeds, grasses, nuts and fruit for food. Often they 'd changed their movement patterns and lifestyle in order to maximize gathering the edible wild food and small game within a geographical
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