Mesopotamia Ancient China

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Mesopotamia Mesopotamia is a Greek word that means “between the rivers” as it lies between the Tigris and Euphrates which flows through modern Iraq and Syria. Mesopotamia is considered a cradle of civilization. The cradle means “the place or region in with anything is nurtured in its early stages (Khan Academy). The land is made up of hills, plains, and mountains and the early settlers made a living as farmers and harvested timber, metal, and stone from nearby mountains. The lower areas of Mesopotamia were fertile land, with marshy, flat and wide plains, and as the river flowed down, settlers irrigated the land to grow various crops. The early settlers did not have many natural resources, so they had to stay in contact with neighboring settlers in order to get what they needed. Mesopotamia was a place where humans first formed civilization, developed and created governments. The Mesopotamian people were creative and used their…show more content…
Because of Ancient China’s large resources and population, there was a demand for strong government. One significant occurrence is when one of the regional dynasties became dominant; their king would become the emperor. The emperor would choose the next king before his death, he would hand over power to a chosen son or relative. The Shang dynasty is the first in China to leave written records and to establish a class structure. Under the Shang rulers’ cities were built including fine palace to house the emperor, priests, and warriors surrounded by massive walls. The skilled craftsmen, and farmers lived outside the walls to support the upper classes with their labor and taxes. Most Shang people were peasant farmers and the lowest levels of society. most communities create their own culture within their communities, but such customs as foods and religious beliefs varied depending on the
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