Mesopotamia And Hammurabi Similarities

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The river valley civilizations consisted of northern China, northwestern India, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. All four civilizations had their own ways of living, and beliefs. While each different civilization had similarities, they also had their differences. Most of their beliefs did differ, they had different forms of governments, religious beliefs, writing, and laws. The sources in The Global Experience portray written Chinese language, as well as religious indian prayers, Hammurabi's law codes, and an Egyptian story about a man returning from exile. Within each source it reveals how each civilization made a living, their beliefs, laws, etc. The Chinese used oracle bones in their writing. “In the late Shang era, rulers sought guidance from…show more content…
Mesopotamia made their living by following the code of Hammurabi. From reading the laws I understood that Mesopotamians valued men more than woman, took slavery very serious. “Insofar as the Code prescribes different punishments for men and woman, free citizens and peasants or slaves” (38) Hammurabi took serious crimes such as murder, burglary, and adultery very serious. These serious offenses lead to death upon the sinner. At the beginning of the Codes what really caught my attention was that they took accusations really serious. “If a man has accused a man and has charged him with manslaughter and then has not proved (it against) him, his accuser shall be put to death.“ (39) The codes vary so much and just from reading it all I can tell the way the Mesopotamians wanted to live. And eye for an eye, a marriage contract written by the man, a forehand of a son for striking his father, etc. There’s a reason why these codes were enforced. People don’t just enforce laws because they want to, they do it because it has become a problem and they want to put an end to it. From the Codes I could tell that King Hammurabi was a serious leader. Hammurabi may have also been really religious because he didn’t tolerate adultery, stealing, and just anything that isn’t moral. The last civilization is the Egyptians. They had kings. What I understood from the story is that People were very loyal to the kings. “When the king died Sinuhe goes into voluntary exile.” (43) Sinuhe then became a very successful man. He got land, married, had children and was
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