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Ancient Civilizations Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India are some of the early civilizations, that helped to shape the world as we know it. Each ancient civilization had many contributions to society. Some would include irrigation, grid like house system, and written languages. Ancient Egypt is one of the most common ancient civilizations. We all know them for the pyramid but that 's not all that they achieved. The farmers of Ancient Egypt came up with a system to water their fields, called irrigation. This system was consisted of dams, ditches and canals to move the water to their fields (Document 3). Irrigation is still used in present day. Everyone knows about the pyramids, and that the Ancient Egypts built them, but not everyone knows how they…show more content…
Ancient Mesopotamia had four first cities: Sumer, Uruk, Ur, and Babylon. Sumer is located in modern day Iraq. The people of Sumer are known as Sumerians. Sumerians built many cities and because they lacked stone and timber they used mud bricks to build with instead. They influenced many cities with their arches, ramps, columns and pyramid shaped ziggurat (Document 1). They also developed the world 's first known form of writing called cuneiform. They used clay tablets to write on (Document 1). Uruk is one of the most important cities in Ancient Mesopotamia. The reason for this is because, the origin of writing originated here. The city of Ur was a very important trade center. The last city is perhaps the most famous city out of all of them, Babylon. The name Babylon means “Gate of the Gods”. This city is known for its impressive walls and buildings. Another reason is because of a man named Hammurabi, he was the king. He created one of the earliest written set of laws, called the Code of Hammurabi. In these laws covered almost everything that affected his community. Hammurabi created these laws because he wanted his empire to be unified and to provide protection for the weak (Document

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