Mesopotamia Egypt Essay

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I. The Ancient Middle East A. Egyptian culture has been preserved through hieroglyphics and Hebrew people through the Hebrew bible. B. two river-valley civilizations, Mesopotamia and Egypt, influenced and started agriculture, scientific and mathematical knowledge, architectural advancements, legal systems, forms of government, religious systems, and writing systems, all which have an impact on our lives today. C. Mesopotamia was located in southwest Asia; and Egypt in upper Africa. II. Mesopotamian Literature A. Mesopotamia refers to much of Iraq, and parts of Iran, Turkey, and Syria, which is referred to as the Fertile Crescent. B. This area is watered by the Tigris and Euphrates, which allows for great agriculture and rich land. III. A…show more content…
The Great Library of Nineveh A. Babylon suffered invasion by several mountain men before the Assyrians came into Mesopotamia in about 900 B.C. B. The Assyrians capital, Nineveh, was north of today 's Baghdad and had a great library with clay tablets filled with Sumerian and Babylonian literature. VII. The Rebirth and Fall of Babylon A. In 612 B.C., Babylon overthrew the Assyrians under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar, who rebuilt Babylon, which was known for its Hanging Gardens and a great ziggurat known as the biblical Tower of Babel. The Hanging Garden was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. B. After falling to Cyrus the Great of Persia in 539 BC, Babylon became a center of trade before a new one was established on the Euphrates. Babylon soon fell into ruins, being one of the last ancient Mesopotamian empires. VIII. Egyptian Literature A. Ancient Egypt existed for almost three thousand years, inventing exotic ideas of the Sphinx, mummies, Pyramids, and animal-headed gods that are still well-known today. IX. The "Gift of the Nile" A. The Nile river was essential for Egypt life, providing water, fertilizing silt, and transportation for trading their gold, hardwood, and metals. X. Papyrus and
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