Mesopotamia/Egypt Paragraph Outline

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CHW3M CCA Step1: Mesopotamia/Egypt Paragraph Outline Template Topic Sentence Ancient Egypt possessed a sophisticated and influential religion system that is essential to the growth of a thriving civilization by the cohesive worshipping of multiple deities, the abiding belief and consistent maintenance of Maat, and the intricate performance of the funerary customs. (The outline is not helpful without the TS because it contains your argument) Sub-topic 1: Worship of multiple deities 1. Point The Egyptians had a highly developed belief system that was based on multiple deities; animals were considered to be the living images of a particular god or goddess, therefore, many gods came to be depicted in human form but still retained their…show more content…
Connection to Thesis The gods and goddess underlaid the development of ancient Egypt's flourishing civilization by being the fundamental assumptions of Egyptian culture and essential part of the Egyptian's daily life. Sub-topic 2: The abiding belief and consistent maintenance of Maat 2. Point Maat is the crucial concept and chief ethic within ancient Egypt society which represents order, truth, justice and righteousness. 2. Example Maat was considered a quality not of men but of the world. A person endeavored to act in accordance with the divine will because that was the only way to place himself in harmony with the gods. For the Egyptian plebeians Maat meant working hard and honestly; for the officials it meant dealing justly. Mini Citation (Ancient Egypt, p.74) 2. Connection to Thesis The persistent belief and maintenance of Maat guaranteed the harmony of Egyptian society, thus, led to a prospering civilization. Sub-topic 3: The intricate performance of the funerary rituals. 3. Point The sophisticated funerary customs of ancient Egypt was driven by a complex set of religious beliefs in the afterlife. Failure to carry out the burial practices would, many Egyptians thought, lead to the unnatural rising of the
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