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Many empires rose and had fallen all through history all over the world; however, there is only one resemblance why empires succeed and get destroyed. In the Middle East, lies Mesopotamia, which formed in 3200-2350 BCE. South of the Mesopotamia is Ancient Greece and in Africa there is Aksum; Ancient Greece had a Golden Age in 750-338 BCE and Aksum thrived in 100-750 CE. Those empires as well as others rose and fell for many reasons, but the biggest reasons are the geography, proving that geography can change an empire in an instant. The Mesopotamia was constantly in danger because of their rivers; citizens never knew when the river stroke. Mesopotamia wasn’t the only society who countered problems, Ancient Greece was isolated with other societies because of the mountains cutting them off. Even though Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece had problems with the geography, the geography helped Askum a lot with the number of resources they had; Aksum was rich in resources. Ultimately,…show more content…
In Ancient Greece, they had some dilemmas with the mountains, land, and seas. In Aksum, they profited from the sea, location, land, and resources. Geography proves itself over and over again that it is the mother of history throughout different time periods. Geography still and will continue impacting our lives because where a person lives can determine their future. Recently, people who live in California have been in danger because of all the wildfires. So many people died, homes were demolished, families lost homes. Also, the population of citizens that around or is surrounded by water, has a very high chance of being in danger. There have been many hurricanes, that caused so many homes to be destroyed, tons of people died, the flooding was to the extreme, many people were kind enough to go and help but the damage was already done. This shows that geography can really determine someone’s

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