Mesopotamia Essay

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Ancient civilizations were mostly built upon religions and philosophy due to lack of knowledge. For example, ancient Egyptians or Mesopotamians were polytheistic and they had thousands of gods. In a modern world, it may sound absurd to have thousands of gods each of whom has special abilities and functions for the people. Although both the Egyptians and Mesopotamians were polytheistic, one of the most significant difference between the two population was that the Mesopotamians did never believe in after-life. They considered the gods as ones that love and respects their people. That is probably the reason underlying their gratefulness for calling themselves "the servants" of the gods. In this analytical essay, we will try to discover and…show more content…
Human sacrifice was meant to please or appease gods, spirits or the deceased. In spite of the fact that it was merely about killing innocent people, it had turned into a ritual tradition throughout the Mesopotamia. In my opinion, the idea of sacrificing people ritually correlates to the idea of the mortal nature of the mankind. Because, if the Mesopotamians did believe in the life after death, they would not bother to sacrifice their people in the name of Gods. We can give an example from the Egypt at this point. For instance, there may be evidence of human sacrifice in the early dynastic period such as burying dead Kings along with their servants either from a high or middle social class. Those servants were so loyal to their Kings that they had no problems with sacrificing themselves at all as they were ready to serve their masters in eternal life as well. So, there were no such thing as sacrificing local people one by one independently. It is not difficult to link this information to the fact that Egyptians believed in after-life. What I mean by that is if the Egyptians believed that they can live after their death depending on how they had been living their lives before, there would actually be no point in sacrificing people because of the fact that death was not so significant
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