Mesopotamia Similarities

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Although you might think Mesopotamia and Egypt are very similar, they also are very different. The reason for similarities and differences between these two civilizations are because of political, economic, religious, social, arts, and geography reasons. All these factors affect the culture of these two cities. Let’s analyze the differences and similarities between these two civilizations. A difference between these two civilizations is their leaders. In Mesopotamia their leaders were the priest. His word was more important than any leader. Sometimes attacks occurred and kings were needed, this became more relevant and permanent kings were created. While in Egypt during the Old Kingdom and New Kingdom their kings were called pharaoh, ruler…show more content…
Both civilizations were located near rivers, and being located near water was a positive and/or negative. The Mesopotamians thought their gods were cruel because of more chaotic nature catastrophes. While the Egyptians thought their gods loved them by giving them predictable floods in which they could plan for. This had a large impact on many things including farming, social beliefs, and trade.

Another similar factor is trade. Trade was very important to both cultures. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia traded very well with neighborly civilizations such as Nubia for Egypt and Hittites for Mesopotamia. They did not only trade goods but their arts and what they have created. Mesopotamia created wheels, writing system, base number system, and The Epic of Gilgamesh. While the Egyptians created their own writing system, hieroglyphics, and 365-day calendar. In which spreaded their creations around to different civilizations. They’re many different and similar things about Mesopotamia and Egypt like leaders, religion, and trade. And how they all connect and make up a civilization fits like a puzzle piece. But what they all have in common is how they affect the culture of the civilization and how it has effected this world we live in
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