Mesothelioma Essay

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Mesothelioma treatment and sex life: an imperative connection Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects mainly to those who have been in contact with asbestos, but is not until 20 or more years that the symptoms start to appear. Patients with cancer are usually cautious in regard to sex life: they avoid the topic from their doctors and the doctors do not make questions or suggestions for the same caution. Some may think that this is due to the fact that when a person is diagnosed with cancer this person’s mind does not have room to worry about this topic, but truth be told, it is more important than it seems. Most people diagnosed with cancer tend to forget about the emotional effect that their partners have in their lives; therefore,…show more content…
Here, the support of the partner is important because patients could lose or gain weight, have lost hair, or have scars due to treatment and they could not feel completely comfortable with their physical appearance. Dana Nolan, an experienced psychotherapist, states that exist other factors besides physical. These factors might be stress or fatigue; stress commonly increases in both, patient and partner, since they tend to worry about the future and the impact that could the disease have in their finances. Despite all this, people must know that keeping an active sex life can improve their treatment in an emotional level that is a complement for the medical physical attention they are already obtaining. Also, it should be pointed that sometimes this emotional treatment can go beyond intercourse, a comforting hug or kisses can give patients the encouragement they need to keep fighting. All this attention and comfort given by the patient’s partner can bring a sense of regularity into their lives and make the relationship better facing this disease. So, in conclusion, sex life during Mesothelioma treatment can be difficult but also rewarding in many ways. Partners must be supportive with the patients regarding their physical appearance and both should make appropriate questions to the doctor, despite all fear or shame this may carry, to know how to have a secure sexual
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