Message To Grassroots Quote Analysis

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As we go around showing appreciation and thanking others we are passing around superior vibrations. It can teach many including our upcoming generations of how to behave and treat others in society. Good vibrations can teach others how to keep a healthy and positive society, in which many may seem to show more respect towards others. For example, in the article “Message to Grassroots” by Malcolm X it states, “Instead of us airing our differences in public, we have to realize we’re all the same family.” (Malcolm X, page 2). This quote proves how appreciating instead of us complaining can give a lot. Including good vibrations. The image that is created of a person in society is based on the actions and the way a person talks along with their attitude. This proves how thankfulness will just help the image of yours to be even greater in society. In the text “The Valiant” it states, “… and he…show more content…
Sometimes when you thank someone like a cashier or a stranger many don’t even answer back. So it can just seem like a waste of energy. It can even get many angry about the fact that there is no answer. A college student named Mandeep Kaur who attends Queens College once said, “Sometimes being thankful can make people think wrong in which many may think that they are just thankful now and weren’t thankful from the past of everything that they have done.” It is true that some individuals may think that way but if we start thinking wisely many would accept the thank you and happily and positively. In contrast to the fact that thanking can create obstacles, being thankful creates immense pleasure. It can prove and show the gratitude of someone. An unknown person once stated, “Take time to be thankful for everything that you have. You can always have more, but you could also have less.” This can prove immense pleasure, as many are thankful and attain more than they
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