Message To My Freshman Analysis

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In Keith M. Parsons’, “Message to My Freshman Students.”, He shows that he is very biased. To me the points he tells don’t prove anything, as they’re invalid. He tells how students need to adapt to how professors teach, when coming into college. He also tells that the teachers are the ones to blame for freshman students being, “apathetic, incurious, inattentive, unresponsive and frequently absent” (Keith M. Parsons’,” Message to My Freshman Students”). He goes on to talk about how him as well as other Professors are not Teachers. Regardless if the teachers are evaluated and professors are not, the main goal is to make sure the students understand the material. Now I agree that students should be challenged. However, don’t change their entire…show more content…
Just because someone does something in a different way than you, doesn’t mean their way is wrong. Both students and teachers find that a teacher’s way of teaching is more efficient than a professor’s lecture. I agree. After all, not many people can learn as well when someone just puts up a PowerPoint and reads for an hour, while we take notes. “You need to learn to listen. The kind of listening you need to learn is not passive absorption, like watching TV; it is critical listening.”, Keith said. He compares students learning to listen to watching tv. Yes, saying that seems very reasonable. However, it’s not that simple. If that was the case, most people would be considered genius’s. After all, people are going to remember something on a tv show faster than they will in a lecture. It’s the fact that an hour lecture won’t engage students as a 30-minute show or an hour-long movie. Most teachers know how to keep the students engaged in their 30-minute or hour-long class, because they just aren’t up there talking the entire time. How can you blame someone for doing something that works best for everyone? The only one that should change would be the professor. Why change everyone else just to keep a tradition that doesn’t benefit anyone anymore? I say keep spoon feeding the information so that students can continue their success. Through out Keith’s “message”, he listed a bunch of way’s that basically said, regardless of what happens he still gets paid and won’t get in trouble for it. Therefore, professors are free of some of the stress that teachers have. Just go with the flow and everyone’s
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