Messages In Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince

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Based on the story, “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde, there are a lot of messages portrayed by the writer. Some of the messages that I learnt from this story is actually relatable to us in real life situation. We can apply these lessons in our daily life. This story is about a prince who once lived without knowing the meaning of tears. However, after he died, his statue was put up high and from that day onwards, he can see the misery of his city that was blinded by the walls surrounding his garden when he was alive. From my analysation of the story, I learnt that even people, who seem foolish, can achieve great things if given a purpose, being selfless in the context of helping others who are in need of help and being with someone; family members or friends through thick and thin. First and foremost, one of the message that I obtain from this story is even people who seem foolish and flighty can achieve great things if given a purpose and a focus. This is shown in the character of the Swallow. The Swallow is such a silly fellow because as we can see the swallow falls in love with a reed and stayed there all summer, admiring it before he begins to tire of his lady-love. The Swallow is also in vain too because he enjoys the sparrows noticing him and commenting on such “a distinguished stranger.” Besides, he is always talking about himself and his plans about the things that he is going to see or do later when he will be flying to Egypt. However, when the Prince begs him for

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