Compare And Contrast Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo

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The world is always obsessed with comparing great representatives of many spehers. Football players are not an exception, and Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are often compared as two most successful football sensations. In modern football, these two names are constantly mentioned everywhere (Chadwick & Burton, 2008). These players are the most demanded all over the world. People often debate about who of them is the best. In regard to this question, it is clear that fans of “Barcelona” will favor Messi since he is a part of this club. However, the fans of “Manchester United” and “Real Madrid” would prefer Cristiano Ronaldo because of his football career in these clubs. Despite high results reached by both of these football players, many journalists, commentators, and ordinary fans compared these geniuses of the modern football, to decide who plays better (Chadwick & Burton, 2008). This appeared to be complicated, since their playing styles vary and their clubs are arch-rivals. However, their brilliant performance during football matches, their passion for playing football, ability to drive their teams to win, and impressive impact on football are the main points that unite them regardless of any differences. Comparison of…show more content…
Messi's nickname “the machine” is widely used to refer to people playing football well and being able to dribble the ball or score the way Messi does (Doeden, 2010). Ronaldo has also become a world-famous football player whose tactics impress and are followed by other players. However, their fame is not restricted to football sphere only. Many cloth line industries across the world seek the services of these two players by asking them to market their designer wears or other products (Doeden, 2010). Such recognition of Messi and Ronaldo points out to their peculiarity and outstanding
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