Messner's Argumentation Essay

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Confidence and nervousness were also two concepts that Messner et. al. found differed between commentary of male and female athletes. Again, in describing these traits in women, ambivalent language is often used- “That young lady Graf is relentless” (Messner et al., 1993). Using the phrase “young lady” by the commentator completely undermines the fact that Graf’s relentlessness was being applauded. Great shots or plays by women are often attributed to luck, whereas with men they are considered skill and an imposition of will on an opponent. In speaking about former tennis player John McEnroe, the commentator states that McEnroe is “just giving them messages by the way he’s standing at the net, the way he kind of swaggers between 11 points” (Messner et. al.). The comment has nothing to do with McEnroe’s talent, yet he is being applauded for his swagger on the court. McEnroe was also prone to outbursts on the court which involved throwing his racket to the ground and breaking it. The commentator doesn’t reference these, however, but chooses to focus on how the athlete is imposing his will on his opponent. Men’s nervousness was also made out in a positive light. When talking about two tennis players and that it’s only natural to…show more content…
Whether it be the amount and type of coverage they receive, the sexualisation, stereotypical views they have to fight against, or the failures they may come across, the media is there to cover it. Unfortunately, women have become a victim to an increased amount of challenges when facing the media, though in this period of time in the world, we are working towards a more equal society. This can impact the future generations of athletes and how they believe their efforts in their sport will be seen. If media does not begin to equal out between the genders, it is possible that women’s sports will decrease even
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