Nutrition Metabolic Typing Book Review

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The Nutrition Center solution is probably the most important book in terms of metabolic types. There are other biochemical types of books, which one is Eat Right for your (blood) type. The reason why the solution is the best Nutrition Metabolic Typing book because it combines four different metabolic types and offers both a strong theoretical basis and substantial empirical evidence of the four types. Most of the audience reading this review may never have heard of metabolic types. Therefore, some background information is presented before proceeding with the criticism of the Nutrition Center Solution.

Crystal book is strongly influenced by the other major work on metabolic typing — The Metabolic Typing Diet. The author of this book, William
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Although the study of the autonomic system is also a “classic” science that is taught in the bio-medical field for decades, is newer, and thus is less defined than the oxidative system. The two branches of the autonomic system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic branch is usually stimulants (ex. increasing heart rate), while the parasympathetic branch is mostly inhibitory (ex. decreasing heart rate). Both the oxidative and autonomous systems with each other, give feedback to each other to maintain the overall body metabolism going. Each person has both the oxidative and autonomous systems, but they are not always in balance. Often one will dominate the other in certain cases, including digestion and assimilation of food. Sr. Francis Pottenger many independent experiments performed on animals at the turn of the 20th century, and concluded that the individual mammals (including humans) tend to have an autonomous branches dominate the other. For this theory, he is widely recognized as the father of the autonomic…show more content…
First, blood pH should be kept in a narrow range for different enzymes and other components of the blood to function. If blood pH is too high or too low, it can cause problems with the health of a person, including seizures, coma and even death. Second, a person’s blood pH within the clinical range of 7.37-7.43, but they can close one of these extremes, and eating the “wrong” foods may push them further from the optimum pH of 7.40. The good news is that once a person knows and understands their metabolic type, they can be a nutrition plan to help balance their blood pH to the optimum
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