The Importance Of Metabolism

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All you need to know about metabolism and effects on weight loss

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the process by which the food we eat into energy. During this process the calories from foods and beverages to combine with oxygen, then releases the energy necessary for the functioning of the organism. It is a complex chemical reaction that takes place in the body which enables the life, growth, development, reproduction.
What is basal metabolism?

Even when you rest or sleep your body needs energy for a variety of "hidden" body runkcije and actions such as breathing, blood circulation, balance hormone levels, growth and regeneration of cells. The number of calories, essential to carry out this "hidden" action is called basal metabolism.

Several factors determine your basal metabolism.

The size and structure of your body - people who have larger body and more muscle consume more calories when resting
Pol - mostly men
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These processes consume about 10% of daily calories entered. This factor is relatively stable, and the caloric needs minor oscillate.

Physical activity - all the other calories are expended on physical activity such as exercise, sport, running, walking and so on. Of all these factors, physical activity has the greatest impact on the determination of the daily requirement for energy or calories.
Metabolism is divided into 2 categories

Catabolism of: breaking down molecules to produce energy. Mostly occurs during more intense training or fasting. When the body takes advantage of all primary energy sources glycogen and glucose, the body starts to breaks down the muscles to make them into a necessary energy.

Anabolism: the metabolic pathways that form molecules from smaller units, which requires energy. Examples of anabolic processes as the growth of bone and muscle.
The effect of weight loss on the

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