Analyse The Importance Of Qualitative Research In Writing

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3.1. Introduction Though there have been prominent works that have investigated the role of metacognitive awareness in the improvement of writing performance, there is a rising necessity to investigate this topic in the Algerian context, and more specifically in the department of English. For this objective, we designed research methodology that could lead to concrete results and mainly to answers to the major research questions and hypotheses. Writing performance could be improved only if learners are trained into thinking and reflecting about their own learning process, mainly during writing. Furthermore, evidence calls for an explicit teaching of writing strategies in an informed framework that values learning strategies (through CALLA), as well as a thoughtful implementation of technology into EFL university instruction (through CAW). Accordingly, the present chapter aims at giving a clear picture of the research design and the investigative procedures that were carried out with a purpose of implementing the suggested instructional framework and evaluating the extent of its validity through different research instruments.

3.2. Research Methodology Description The following section of this chapter will provide a detailed description of subjects’ profile, the steps and mechanisms of the experimental
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Piloting the study serves to reveal the weaknesses of the different survey techniques and pinpoint what to avoid in the experimental research so that improvement can be effected (Seliger (1989), and Kothari (2004)). We organized some writing sessions in December to specifically put into practice the metacognitive instruction together with the use of e-mails to ensure contact between the teacher-researcher outside the university, and as a complementary tool for improving learners’ competence in

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