Metagrobolized Morals In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Metagrobolized Morals J.J Watt was awarded the NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award for raising 37 million dollars for Hurricane Harvey relief. Periodically I receive mail from Operation Smile asking for donations. Although Watt’s award is considered a great honor by society, and donating to charities is very common today, Ayn Rand would disagree with all this. In the excerpts from The Virtue of Selfishness and For the New Intellectual, and in her novel Anthem, Rand lays out her morals. In Anthem Equality’s view of morality strongly coincides with Ayn Rand’s views in the excerpts from her other writings, but is very different from the institutions, practices and officials from the society in which he lives. Throughout the novel, Equality comes into contact with many of the …show more content…

Equality lives out the beginning of his life in the Home of Infants. Already the idea that he was to be the same as the rest of his brothers is being pushed upon him. One of Equality’s earliest memories is that “the sleeping halls there were white and clean and bare of all things save one hundred beds” (20). Within the Home of Infants there is no opportunity to express any sort of individuality. When Equality presents his lightbox to the World Council of Scholars, they show that they are extremely against individual creativity. Despite the obvious genius of the invention, they completely disregard it. International 1-5537 tells Equality that, “‘What is not done collectively can not be good’” (73). The concept that individuality is evil is so deeply ingrained in the morality of the society that the World Council of Scholars, who should be the smartest people in the society, don’t realize how senseless it is to disregard the lightbox simply because it was created by an individual. The institutions in Anthem are so extremely devoted to altruism, that any idea of doing something for the benefit of oneself is considered morally wrong and unlawful. Although

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