Persuasive Essay On Metal Detectors

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During the late 1980s and early 1990s, metal detectors were being installed in many New York City public schools. Their purpose are to maintain a safe and secure environment. Even today, you will find metal detectors in almost every public school in New York City. I’ve graduated from an NYC public high school where we had full time scanning, which means that every day we had to go through scanning, take off our belts, jewelry, and any other metallic items. As a result, many students are often late to class due to long lines of students waiting to be scanned. I stopped wearing belts to school because I figured that it would save me time and I would finally get to class on time. Many of the former and current students I’ve interviewed from my…show more content…
“Anyone can be dangerous, and sometimes people aren’t aware of bullying or what goes on outside of school, so metal detectors lower the chances of any shootings or stabbings” says a current student. Recently there was another school shooting in Florida where many students and staff were killed and injured, and its because of events like this that some students are thankful for metal detectors at their school. “I do think its wrong to have metal detectors only in urban public schools, it makes most of us feel as if we’re seen as dangerous, which is unfair, but in a way I’m thankful that we do have them because it decreases any chances of school shootings or any sort of violence, and I believe that all schools should have metal detectors because it’ll show that the goal is to protect and create a safe environment throughout the whole country for students instead of only having it in so called “bad” neighborhoods.” says one of the students interviewed. Having metal detectors in every school regardless of the students’ race or parent’s income is a good way to erase the social stigma that the presence of metal detectors in schools means the school environment must be violent or unsafe. By adding more metal detectors in every school, the possibility of gun violence or any type of violence will decrease. This way, students of urban
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