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Metal working is the process of deform a metal billet or blank into necessary shape and size using tools or dies. The design and control of metal working depend on the characteristics of the work material, the conditions at the work piece-tool interface, mechanics of plastic deformation (metal flow), the tools used and final product requirements. Three major technologies are used to manufacture metal components. One among them is metal working. The other two are metal casting and powder metallurgy. Metal working is the oldest and most important of the three. There were lot of developments of new types of metal working equipment and new materials with special properties and applications in the past 100 years. In metal working, a simple part like billet or a blanked sheet is deformed plastically using machine tools to obtain the desired final product. Fundamentally metal working processes are categorized in to two types, namely, bulk forming and sheet metal forming. The sheet metal blank is plastically deformed in to a three dimensional shape, often without significant changes in sheet thickness. The sheet or a part fabricated from sheet is the work piece. Usually, the shape of the work piece is subjected to change but the cross sectional…show more content…
They are namely shearing, blanking, and punching. In Shearing, sheet-metal is cut along a straight line which is kept between two cutting edges. Shearing is used to cut large sheets into smaller sheets which are further done for consequent press working operations. Blanking is done by the cutting edges of closed contoured desired shape is used to separate the sheet metal surrounded by a stock in a single step. The separated part of desired shape is called the blank. Punching is similar to the blanking but, the separated sheet metal is scraped in punching. The parts leftover is the desired one. The above three processes are illustrated in

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