Metallic Balloon

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Could you imagine what it would be like if you go to your little cousin’s birthday party, and he or she get upset because there were no balloons? If legislators ban balloons, this imagination could become reality. There is a controversial topic going around that asks if it would be best if balloons were banned in the United States. This controversy was discussed in a video, “California Aims to Ban Metallic Balloons to Reduce Power Outages,” the editorial, “Parties Can Be Fun Without Balloons,” by Natalie Romero, and the other editorial, “Balloons Bring Joy to Millions,” by Theo Lewis. While there were similarities among the sources, there were also many differences as well. All three sources share the similarity of supporting their argument…show more content…
The first difference between all three sources is that the video is unbiased, while the two editorials are biased according to their claim. In the editorial by Theo Lewis, he uses evidence to only support his side, and gave many reasons why balloons shouldn’t be banned. Natalie Romero gave reasons to only support why balloons should be banned. However, in the video, the anchorwoman says, “Eyewitness news reporter, Jovana Lara, is live at Hawthorne with both sides of the controversy.” This statement shows that the video expresses both sides of the debating controversy, balloons should be banned, and balloons shouldn’t be banned. One other reason that supports that all sources are different is the fact that the editorial, “Balloons Bring Joy to Millions,” by Theo Lewis, has a stronger argument than the other editorial by Natalie Romero. In Theo Lewis’ argument, he uses strong evidence, one being him quoting experts opinions. He says, “‘Balloons bring people so much joy,’ says Flynn. ‘There aren’t a lot of dangers. When they are properly handled, they are very safe.’” This evidence is a quote from a “balloon expert,” and he is basically saying that although balloons aren’t even dangerous, if they do become a problem, properly handled, they are safe. This example of ethos give Theo Lewis more credibility, being the one whom got an expert opinion to support his reasoning. Theo also quotes Dan Flynn, the expert, another time in his argument. “‘There is little evidence to support claims of the danger that balloons pose to marine animals,’ says Dan Flynn, chairman of the Balloon Council, an organization of balloon makers and sellers.” This piece of evidence also gives credibility to Theo Lewis. It supports the fact that claims of danger toward marine animals because of balloons is simply an excuse, and there are few
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