Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Family Analysis

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In the story “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, the a man turns into a bug-like creature. In this story the family has a very big role. In the story his sister helped feed him and cleaned his room. Also the mother in the story helped cleaned his room when she could. She suffered from some health problems. A family’s importance is brought out in this book in that of a life or death situation. It is often stated that family can make or break a person. It can be a reason to live or it can be the bane of your existence. Family, nevertheless, is important to a life overall. In a family, parents, in particular shape lives, to a degree. Although, everyone has free will, and the ability to make their own decisions when they come of age, the way they were raised has a big impact on the way they will live their life. Good parents can instill morals and values in their children. They can teach them skills, and when they make mistakes to learn from those, as well. Bad parents usually don’t…show more content…
This shows how negligent she is of Gregor. She cannot put her feelings of his appearance aside in order to accept him as her son. A mother would usually be the most accepting or understanding of her child, but even she no longer loves him. When his mother finally visits Gregor in his creature form, she gets overwhelmed and runs out crying. This makes the father think that Gregor did something to him, which causes him to throw an apple at Gregor, which gets lodged into his back. The mother says nothing to curb this abuse to her own son, which renders her negligent. Another instance in which Gregor’s mother is negligent toward him is when Grete eventually convinces her parents that they need to get rid of him. “We have to try to get rid of it. We’ve done everything humanly possible to take care of it and to put up with it.”(48). During this conversation, his mother puts up no fight, and his father agrees with
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