Metamorphosis Chapter 1 Summary

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Journal #1
In the novella The Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa morphed into a large bug, a roach. His transformation represents his feelings about himself, and also how his family viewed him as well. He’s always been the weird one in his family. Almost like an outcaste to especially his parents. Even though now he is the provider for his family because of his family debt. Gregor has probably never been a part of any family meetings. Most of the time he’s always at work. He also never wakes up to have breakfast with his family.
Journal #2
The balance of power toward the end pf the chapter really shifted to the roomers almost. The reason is that in the book the roomers took Grete’s room so she had to sleep in the room. So that really was over-powerment on their part. Also once Grete even had to play her violin privately for them while her parents stood in the corner of the room, and watched. And Gregor was in his room all alone, not being attended too. That really looked like over-powerment again by the roomers. I think that at first the Samsa’s wanted the roomers to feel at home because their renting. But meaning sacrificing Grete’s rooms doesn’t mean that.
In the Samsa Household toward the end of the book it really looked like they changed. Only because Mr. Samsa said
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But the times there was a little. It never sounds like something funny. One part that was little funny is when Gregor couldn’t get up and he was just lying on his back so his legs were up in the air just wiggling and moving to get up-right. Another funny part of the story that was amazing was when Gregor came out of his room the second time, when the movers were in. You can imagen how the scene was when they saw Gregor probably jumped out of their seats screaming and yelling. Possibly like little girls. The humor was used to show Gregor transformation from human, to roach. The use of humor is significant because it’s a story about a roach dying at the
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