Reaction Paper On Medusa

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If we speak of Medusa as a Monster, Scylla must come in mind, because she is the true Monster of all Metamorphosed creatures. In my belief Scylla shares a bond with Lucy Grealy. In this section of my Research, I will show this thing which I called the bond. All in order to shine another light upon Autobiography and Metamorphosis in Greek Mythology. Scylla was born as a Nymph as the “ daughter of Phorcys who is a A Greek sea-god, son of Pontus and Gaia ” ( Lindemans , Micha F. Web ). Nymphs are known to be half gods, and most of the Nymphs “ were female spirits of the natural world, minor goddesses of the forests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas ” ( Britannica. Web ). As a Nymph, Scylla lived peacefully in the nature, she would usually spend her time playing idly not bothering anyone at all, tending to her trees and flowers. Eventually, as all…show more content…
Circe takes part in the love triangle, after she heard his love story, she fell madly in love with him, but he never loved her back. Circe became exasperated, she was angered, not with her love, but with Scylla, due to the jealousy of her, she unleashed her wrath upon the beautiful Nymph by making a poisonous potion instead. She started to pour it in the pool where Scylla usually bathed in. The first touch of her of body into the pool, turned her into the Hideous Monster of all, her body ripped out from the inside, her two legs morphed into twelve legs . Blood and flesh was everywhere, six heads took place, each head had frightening three rows of vicious sharp teeth able to shred anything. Her half body was turned into dogs, who barked loudly, scaring everyone who gets near her. After this transformation, Scylla hated everyone, Monster she became, a Monster she acted upon, she started to devour and kill. All this because of the love triangle that she did not want take part in ever ( Lindemans , Micha F.
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