Metamorphosis Quote Analysis

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Overarching Message: In the book, Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Gregor’s alienation from the outside world creates a depressing cycle of dehumanization and isolation.
“The door was slammed shut with the stick, and then it was finally quiet” (Kafka 955). This encounter of Gregor’s father locking his bug-transformed son in his room guarantees Gregor’s alienation from society. Throughout the book, Gregor is cooped up in his room all day, delighted to see even just one person come his way. When Gregor is about to receive help from two people that aren’t family, “He felt drawn once again into the circle of humanity and expected great things from both the doctor and the locksmith” (952). The main word in the quote is “again,” because it infers that he feels completely unhuman and irrelevant to society without the presence of non-family members. A big reason why he
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Right off the bat, one can already see a major difference between “Metamorphosis” and “Do It Alone.” That difference is the fact that Gregor is uncomfortable being alienated while Cudi seems to be perfectly okay with it. One can see Cudi’s content in the song when he says “Man, I’m so comfortable here, Why should I head to a place where people live in fear” (Kid Cudi)? Other than this one distinction between the two pieces, mostly everything else from the pieces are similarities. Both characters are seen dehumanized, but only Cudi embraces it. His embracement of dehumanization is known when Cudi states, “But see, I'll never get why the earth is a puzzle that I'll never fit. I'm not of their world” (Kid Cudi). Though he says “I’m not of their world,” Cudi does not actually believe that he is from space, he simply uses this metaphor to show his difference amongst most people in the world. The rapper often refers to himself as the “man on the moon,” while creating an album and a song titled exactly
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