Metaparadigm Model Of Nursing Practice

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Side PanelExpand side panel Breadcrumb: Table of Contents Module 2: Theories and Frameworks for Professional Nursing Practice Monday January 11th-Sunday January 17th Module 2: Discussion Module 2: Discussion Actions for 'Module 2: Discussion' Add Bookmark Previous Next Back to Topic View profile card for Joyce Jubida Nursing Theories Created by Joyce Jubida on Jan 13, 2016 9:04 PMSubscribed The metaparadigm model consists of evaluating and examining the four distinct aspects of the discipline of nursing which consists of person, environment, health and nursing. (Kearney-Nunnery, 2012) These aspects are defined as Person: “recipient of nursing care”, Environment: External (temperature, bedding, ventilation) and Internal (food, water, and…show more content…
The person is driven by needs, is able to adapt to change, seeks stability, and interacts with the environment. When needs are not met, the person is at risk for alterations in health status. I define health as a general word meaning wellness in all aspects of physical health, mental health and spiritual health. I define nursing as caring for and encouraging the wellness of the person. Caring to me also includes remaining current with the latest research, following a code of ethics, assisting with research, providing the best care possible and maintaining patient safety. To sum it all up, nursing is the ultimate model of empathy, kindness and caring. The first nursing theorist I will discuss is Rosemarie Parse’s Theory of Humanbecoming. Her theory focuses on the human-universe-health process and is based on the premise that the human being pursues and creates his own process of being with the world. (Kearney-Nunnery,…show more content…
The model interrelates concepts in such a way as to create a different way of looking at a particular phenomenon. The theory is relatively simple, but generalizable to apply to a wide variety of patients. It can be used by nurses to guide and improve practice, but it must be consistent with other validated theories, laws and principles. (Kearney-Nunnery, 2012) The third and final theorist I will discuss is Callista Roy. The Adaptation Model of Nursing was developed by Sister Callista Roy in 1976. Roy became convinced of the importance of describing the nature of nursing as a service to society. This prompted her to begin developing her model with the goal of nursing being to promote adaptation. She first began organizing her theory of nursing as she developed course curriculum for nursing students at Mount St. Mary's College. She introduced her ideas as a basis for an integrated nursing curriculum. (Sister Callista Roy,
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