Metaparadigm Theories Of Nursing

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Philosophies According to Alligood (2014b), philosophies are specific theories that focus on one or more metaparadigm concepts in a wide spectrum philosophical way (p. 43). For a person to understand philosophies it is required to understand the knowledge type, metaparadigms. Metaparadigm Metaparadigm is the vast perspective of a discipline and a way to describe a concern specifically to a profession or department (Alligood, 2014b, p. 42). Nursing Metaparadigm Alligood (2014b) explains metaparadigms in nursing knowledge are human beings, environment, health, and nursing (p. 42). These perceptions are exemplified in each philosophy and conceptual model (Alligood, 2014b, p. 42). Nursing Philosophy The practice of nursing evolves daily from …show more content…

This includes a person’s culture, family, socioeconomic status, and spirituality (p. 46). Western cultures consider the whole equal to its sum of the parts and stress the interrelationships amongst the parts; compared to the Eastern culture who believe healthcare teams must take into consideration all aspects of the patient to treat them. Environment According to Chinn and Kramer (2015) the metaparadigm environment or society refers to both dependent and independent factors that are directly significant to the patient and his or her care (p 47). Nightingale believed all people involved in the care of a patient should maintain a therapeutic setting to heighten the comfort and healing (Pfettscher, S. A., 2014a). On the other hand, Martha Rogers believes that humans and the environment are one and their manifestations derive from mutual developments. She also believes a person is a consolidated whole and cannot be observed by looking at its parts (Gunther, M. E., …show more content…

Care should be focused on preventing disease rather than treating illnesses by working as a team and promoting healthy behaviors, resulting in patients having better health outcomes. In addition, early detection is a dynamic aspect of health promotion that is vital to preventing the chronic disease burden. In my opinion, nurses need to focus on educating patients and family members more than simply administering a medication or performing a procedure. Providing education about health to family members could be beneficial and passed on to people in the

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