Metaphor In 'Bearhug'

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Metaphor: “Why do I give my emotion an animal’s name, give it that dark squeeze of death?”
The quote is a metaphor because the author is talking about the “bearhug” and mentions it as a dark squeeze of death. This establishes the fact that the squeeze or bearhug might be something that relieved the father and the son of their problems and longing just like death. Simile: “The thin tough body under the pyjamas locks to me like a magnet of blood.”
The quote is a simile because the author compares his sons hug as a magnet of blood. This imply’s that the sons hug is so powerful and does not want to be released. Griffin, does not want to be released because he loves his father. Theres a bond between them and Griffin wants the bond to remain strong.
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The quote can be established as imagery. The quote describes the situation in vivid detail. Griffin had been waiting for his father to come and give him a bearhug, with arms outstretched. He was grinning too which shows that he might have liked being hugged by his father or was excited.

Write a theme statement.

The poem “Bearhug” by Michael Ondaatje, is about unconditional love and reveals that no matter what happens family should be given priority above everything else.


Parental Emotions:

In the poem the author talks about how his son calls him for a hug but because he was busy with some work, he makes his son wait. The author probably feels guilty when he says, “How long was he standing there like that, before I came?” He felt bad because he had been working rather than spending time with his son, which is kind of his obligation towards his son. The relationship between the two is more important than his work.


Love is a major theme in the poem “Bearhug”. Despite the fact that his father gave priority to his work and made him wait, Griffin loves his father unconditionally. When his father comes to give him a hug, he sticks to him like a magnet which shows the strong bond that was present between father and son. The father hugs him and because he loves him, realizes the mistake and feels guilty. This shows that the father loves Griffin and if he makes a mistake, he realizes
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