Metaphor In Cat's Cradle

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Metaphor- One aspect I understood of Cat’s Cradle, is the significance of the albatross and how it affected anyone who ate it. While an albatross is a giant sea bird, it is also a great burden to heavy for one person to handle. Meanwhile in the novel, Johna consumes albatross and becomes sick to the stomach. This is due to the burden of running an entire country, with no prior experience. Allusion- One idea we discussed in the Socratic Seminar was the reason why Kurt Vonnegut chose to have Embassador Milton speak the truth. Back in the United States, Milton had spoken the truth and was therefore turned against because it was not what the government wanted to hear. So, when he had the opportunity to deliver the truth again in San Lorenzo, he seized it. These events in the novel are synonymous with events taking place in the U.S. during this time. Moreover, if you decided to speak out against the majority, you would have also been shunned. Characterization- Another aspect of the novel I understood was Kurt Vonnegut’s belief that while scientists attain great knowledge, they fail to use that knowledge for wisdom. For instance, Dr. Felix Hoenikker created ice-nine to simply prove a point, but failed to stop himself from creating such weapon because he did not even think about consequences. Allusion- Another aspect of the novel I understood was the Biblical allusion that ran throughout the entire novel, the Garden of Eden, and the story of Adam and Eve. In the Biblical story,
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