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"Poetry by Metaphor" From Petroglyophs to Emoticons people have used metaphors to communicate one way or the other. Amongst the other branches of metaphor, more prominent in the metaphoric vein is poetry. In this paper I will discuss how, revealed scriptures, be it from any religion, are drenched in metaphors. Sarcasm Politics are plunged provocatively in poetic metaphor, and despite the significance of metaphor, a snag subjugate education by poetry, i.e. it cannot be graded. Extracting an example from the religious scriptures, I will co-relate the language of the scriptures with metaphoric poetry. Religion is a crucial part of life (even atheism itself is a religion), the dovetail of any religion is a holy scripture. 1400 years ago, the book of Muslims; Holy Quran, was revealed in a poetic language. The Quran was formulated in a way that could exhibit its miracle to the renowned poets of Mecca. While it challenged the authority of Meccan poetic skills, it also baffled humans by narrowing down the codes of conduct in metaphors. A distinct example of it can be witnessed in the verse 74 of Surah Al-Araf:"... Then remember the favours of Allah and do not create abuse on the earth, spreading corruption." In this verse, Allah SWT points out not only one aspect of mischief, rather everything that might create abuse on the earth. If we assess the verse closely we will notice that there are several abuses that we create on earth; from violating traffic laws to placing false

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