Salty Water In William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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Twelfth Night is a story of loss, tragedy, and love that is masquerading as a romantic comedy of sorts a perfect example of Shakespeare’s true talents of expressing deep metaphor in very interesting ways. This is a play about the ocean deep, salty, unpredictable, rough and difficult to navigate but after enough time and understanding, you can see the beauty in the deep blue water. The salty water seems very basic and easy to understand but upon closer inspection, you can see the true depth and complexity of the briny water. The play has a similar effect when first starting it one could come to the conclusion that things are simple and exactly what they seem but within a few lines things get progressively more and more complicated just as the water does. The shape of twelfth night is that of the ocean blue vast, unpredictable and extremely deep but with the right understanding and experience you can navigate it rough waters to reach your destination safe and sound. This essay is my attempt to simply explain the true shape of Twelfth Night and to relate it to something that we all know and understand. The ocean is the best example of the true shape of this play its beautiful and majestic but deadly and poisonous under certain circumstances. The many different experiences within this play can be interpeptide in…show more content…
“So went he suited to his watery tomb if spirits can assume both for, and suit you come to feight us” (pg 741,230). Sabastian’s fate was so crystal clear to viola at this time that there was no way her brother could have survived a salt water grave. Only after the confirmation of their father mole placement did they finally realize that they didn’t lose each other
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