Metaphors In A Rose For Emily

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Love can be damaging, and despite society’s common perceptions, it can affect individuals’ wellbeing internally, as well as externally. In the short story, “A Rose for Emily,” written by William Faulkner, the single image of a rose is subtly used in the title to portray a variety of metaphors that will be used throughout the story both figuratively and symbolically, actively illustrating the reality of love, and it’s many consequences. Faulkner uses the absence of a rose in the story to illustrate Miss Emily’s absence of love and emotion, as well as absence from society. In addition to that, he uses the idea of a ‘rose’ both figuratively, and objectively, as well as utilizing repetition of the word in portions of the text to emphasize his message. Analyzation of this short story can also reveal that Faulkner may have intended to use the history of roses’ uses and meanings to enhance the life of Miss Emily that he is attempting to portray. Finally, Faulkner uses the absence of a single rose in…show more content…
Faulkner’s use of figurative language combined with objective language helps emphasize the illustrations of a rose in the text, while absence of an actual rose in the story contributes to the absence of love and emotion in Miss Emily’s life. Deeper analyzation of the definition of the word ‘rose,’ as well as its history, also reveals that Faulkner may have intended for readers to interpret the use of a rose in the story based off further evaluation such as that. In summary, Faulkner combines many unique writing techniques, placing figurative language of the word ‘rose’ at the forefront, to portray to readers particular ideas about the reality of
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