Metaphors In A Short Story

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Metaphors have been around more than anyone can think of , first time a metaphor was announced it was over one million of years ago. A metaphor is an expression to simulate something, not from the actual meaning but similar. Metaphors are not only used in songs, poems or stories but we also use them in our everyday life. There are many ways that metaphor is being use for example they trigger emotion, to show setting. Many authors use metaphors to paint a bigger, stronger image to their reader’s mind to better understand what they want to say. There’s a lot of stories that show good examples about metaphor, the best example is Araby written by James Joyce. Araby was on of the short stories that James Joyce wrote. This short story was mainly about a young boy about the age of 14 who was in love with his friend…show more content…
One of the main reasons why i used this meatphor and not the other more metaphors that Joyce used in the story because this simple sentence comes witha combo. The first has the word “blind” which makes it a motif because it is also used many times through out the story. The word blind becomes the metaphor because there many different meanings that is used is this noval . Blind is being using as explain us that the specail girl does not see the nattor and its also being used the he is blind because he doesnt see that she doesnt like him by the end of the story. The many different meaning of the word blind is being used in the story which can cause the reader to be confuse. Every authors goal is to make their reader to feel like they are the person who they are reading about, to feel what they feel and to see what they see. James did it perfect to make us feel confuse like how the narrotar was cinfusing by the end of the
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