Metaphors In Dreams By Langston Hughes

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In Langston Hughes poem “Dreams” he is discussing the effect of holding fast to dreams and what it does for the purpose of a life. In this free verse poem, Hughes is serious and solemn about holding on to dreams. In “Dreams” Langston Hughes comes off as being serious when he uses metaphors to inform the reader of the effects of forgetting dreams, and to relate them to different scenarios. Hughes starts off the two stanza free verse poem by saying, “Hold fast to dreams.” He tells the reader not to detach from dreams even if they will not come true. He uses metaphors to compare life without dreams to miserable, impossible scenarios. In line three and four he says, “Life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly,” which is the first…show more content…
Both stanzas contain mainly only a metaphor that compares life without dreams to an alternate situation. The second stanza starts with the same line as stanza one, it says, “Hold fast to dreams.” This shows the seriousness of holding on to dreams so that life can have a purpose and be fulfilled. In line seven and eight he says, “Life is a barren field, frozen with snow,” Hughes uses this metaphor to refer to a field that does not produce crops to forgetting dreams that would result in having no goals to work towards. A barren field is representing productivity and fullness. A person cannot reach his or her fullest potential without acquiring dreams as a farmer can not be paid without the production of crops . When a person forgets the dreams he or she has and lets them go, it is not benefitting anyone. Dreams can bloom into new ideas that can possibly create new opportunites for not just the dreamer, but for everyone. The tone of the poem “Dreams” comes off as if Hughes is going through a hard time. The tone is sorrow, depression, serious, and grim. Hughes seems to be warning the reader to hold on to dreams even when times are hard. This poem is written in the time as African Americans struggle to live for themselves. Slavery is an issue and dreams are not the top priority of most African Americans. Dreams can be seen as hope or a light at the end of the tunnel for some African Americans. Hughes is serious about holding on to
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