Metaphors In Joyas Voladoras

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25 August 2015

Analysis of “Joyas Voladoras”

In the passage "Joyas Voladoras," the author, Brian Doyle, takes an intriguing approach on the topic of hearts. While only slightly over two pages, the author uses metaphors in the essay to perfectly capture and discuss the life humans live, the reality of the human heart and the pain of love. With comparisons such as the hummingbird and turtle heartbeat speed, Doyle explains that there are various ways to live a life. Doyle also stresses the fact that human life is invaluable throughout the writing piece. In addition, the author explains about blue whales to bring in the idea of love.

“Joyas Valadoras”, meaning “flying jewels”, is the name given to the humming bird by the first explorers in the Americas. The description of the hummingbird, and the hummingbird’s heart,is how Doyle begins this essay.
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In Doyle 's passage “Joyas Voladoras”, he uses metaphors through hearts to explain about life and love. This poetic passage is one that is deep even though it may be a little over two pages. Through the hummingbird, Doyle explains about such a precious fast-paced life that is very threatening and compares those lives to the life of a turtle who lives a very slow long life. Through the blue whale, Doyle explains about love with the largest heart in any mammal. Talking about hearts in general, Doyle explains to live every moment in our life. The purpose of life is to experience deeply. And that hurts. And naturally the attempt to shield from the pain. In the short-term, that may work. But, life is not made for us to “brick up our heart” so that it’s cold and fortified. It’s meant to go on, and as it goes, experience pain and sorrow but also to experience real love and real joy as well. Let’s not close off our hearts to the few things in life that make it worth it, just because there is a little “pain and sorrow” along the way. What kind of life is that in
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