Metaphors In The Movie Doubt

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ZACARIAS, Regina A. BACOM2A 18/03/2016 BAC09: Intro to Film Metaphors: There was a lot of different perspectives in the movie Doubt, and one of them was (though openlty asserted) Father Flynn 's homily about gossip. His analogy of comparing the dispersion of the feathers from the pillow and the woman 's task to gather every single one of it, it was without a doubt a shade towards Sister Aloysius. But to put it simply as to whether we were supposed to know if he did touch the boy or not, we shouldn 't. Sister Aloysius has no use for the “new” church of innovation. One of the recurring symbols in the film is the wind that continually swirls around Sister Aloysius. More than once, Sister Aloysius closes windows to shut out the winds that she complains have “changed,” that she describes as peripatetic, that buffet things around and about. But the winds of change that Sister Aloysius despises are embraced by Flynn, who alludes in his final and farewell sermon to the winds that push us along through life. So the winds of change that threaten the church from Sister Aloysius’s point of view are the winds of fate that propel us to progress for Father Flynn and, perhaps, the church. Here the wind symbolizes a challenge to authority in the form of progressive reform, and the Spirit unsettles and disrupts. Perhaps the Spirit, like the wind, is peripatetic. The ballerina toy that Donald Miller played with a smile as permitted by Father Flynn later on
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