Metaphors In The Walking Dead

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For over 80 years, the theme of the undead has been used by writers and film makers as a metaphor to express deeper fears within our society such as nuclear war, communism and mass contagion.(Vox. 2013) In this essay I will be discussing how the use of metaphor contributes to highlighting humanity, moral ethics and values within AMC’s zombie-apocalypse television series ‘The Walking Dead’.

The eight-year-running TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, which is based on a comic, is a post-apocalyptic television series where a group of survivors fight to stay alive in a world amongst ‘Walkers’, which are the walking dead (Zombies).

AMC have brought deep meaning into the TV series by using drama character’ personal stories and their journeys throughout the zombie apocalypse. It also makes the viewers think as it tests our own morality. It brings up topics and makes us question situations such as what would we, as humans, do when we are put in desperate situations.

We also introduced to storylines based on the subjects of loyalty, loss, new relationships and regard for other human life, while also accepting the new world they now live in is overrun by ‘Walkers’.

As the show’s story develops from the first season, it becomes apparent that the ‘Walkers’ are the least of the survivors’ problems as the characters are constantly under attack by other survivors including, armed bandits, cult leaders and biker gangs. The post-apocalyptic world is filled with groups that are only interested in
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