Metaphors In To Kill A Mockingbird

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This metaphor compares Scout’s school progress to a treadmill. The author shows how Scout hates school to make us believe that she has shown no progress in the Maycomb County school system. The comparison to a treadmill helps show that Scout’s learning experience is going nowhere. This is because a treadmill goes nowhere, as well. The quote means that Scout is slowly going through the school years. This simile compares Scout to a cork. She is referred to a cork because she pops out of the tire just like how a cork pops out of a bottle. This quote means that Scout falls out of the tire when she hit the Radley house. This metaphor compares Miss Maudie to being a chameleon lady. Just like how a chameleon can camouflage into its surrounding, this means Miss Maudie is a woman who fits into the community without standing out. This metaphor compares…show more content…
Her stomach is compared to water because when you feel disgusted or nauseous, you stomach feels liquidy and almost This quote means that Scout is disgusted. This simile compares Aunt Alexandra to Mount Everest. It means that she is very direct and does not hold back from the truth. Mount Everest is also known as the tallest mountain, which means that it is well known and acknowledged. Aunt Alexandra is a well recognized person in the Finch family. When she walks into a room, her presence is known to all. This simile compares prey to eggs. This quote is saying prey becomes curious over time. Prey relates to eggs because when eggs are at the stage of hatching, the bird is curious inside the egg and soon emerges. This process takes time, just like stalking prey. This imagery appeals to the sense of sight. It depicts Jem giving an approximate description of how the mad dog was acting. The mad dog, also known as Tom Johnson, was opening and closing its mouth. Tom Johnson was also twitching his torso. Jem gulps like a goldfish to imitate how the dog was opening and closing its
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