Metaphysic Theory In The Movie: Shutter Island

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Shutter island is the film basing on metaphysic theory. The definition of the metaphysic might be a little bit different in people. However, it is universally understanding that it is all about reality perception. As can be seen in shutter island movie, not only the character who have to search the reality but also audience too. ‘The story keeps changing, and the reality of what’s happening keeps changing, and how up until the very final scene, it’s all about how the truth is perceived’ said Martin Scorsese. The movie begins with the U.S. Marshall named Teddy Daniel and his new partner, Chuck Alue were commanded to investigate missing person case in shutter island. There is the hospital on island gathering the mental disabilities who…show more content…
That was because deep down in side, his subconscious keep reminding him that it is not the reality. At the end of the story, there still be the questionable for the audience whether Andrew believe that he is the patient or the cop who was deceived by the doctor and hospital staff. It all depends on each perspective. In my opininon, Teddy both characters represent the two sides of human mind. On the one hand, Teddy who is a good cop. He is the ideal person that people want to be - clever, good and deligent. On the other hand, Andrew(the real identity of Teddy) is someone who general people tend to avoid to be - bad, guilty, and abnormal. According to metaphysic theory, the man wearing glasses with green lenses, seeing the world as green, believe that the world is green. However, the world is not only in green indeed. This man believes in what he sees but it dose not mean that it is truly be like that. That green glasses is just like our experience, knowladge or the thing that create the perspective of us which could be something unreal. Likely, putting the straw in the water, seeing it blending underwater, but actually the straw is still the same as it was before putting in water. It is because of the

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