Metatarsal Fracture Case Study

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James van Riemsdyk

Toronto Maple Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk will be out six to eight weeks because of a non-displaced fracture in his left foot. The Maple Leafs team announced that Riemsdyk has a metatarsal fracture and he will undergo treatment and rehab.

Metatarsal bones are long bones found in the foot between the tarsal and the phalanges of the toes. A metatarsal fracture happens when one of these long bones is broken or is weakened due to thinning of the bones.

What causes a metatarsal fracture?

Metatarsal fracture is caused by direct injury to the foot such as:
• Twisting of the foot
• Overuse
• Oversupination
• Repetitive activities such as running, swimming, or jumping
• Overpronation
• Not enough rest
• Abnormal weight transfer
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• Simple painkillers will help to relieve the pain
• Remove all stress from the foot to allow it to heal
• Immobilization
• Rest is needed in metatarsal fractures
• Apply ice as soon as possible after the injury
• Elevation will limit and reduce any swelling
• Surgery to re-align any part of the fractured bone
• Physical therapy to exercise the fractured metatarsal

How to prevent metatarsal fractures?

Foot injuries are inevitable especially if you are involved in high-impact activities like sports. Preventing metatarsal fractures is tricky but there are a number of things that you can do:
• Gradually intensify the duration of the exercise
• Rest and allow yourself enough time to recover
• Wear appropriate footwear that should protect and support your feet
• Limit activities to prevent further problems
• Visit a medical professional to check your injury

Metatarsal fractures are always recognized and treated immediately, this will reduce the amount of time you need to stay from any activities. You should practice these preventive tips and should not continue giving your injured foot

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