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THE ORGANIZATION Metcash Limited is one of Australia’s leading wholesale distribution and marketing company and is listed among ASX top 100 companies (Metcash 2017). Its customers, suppliers and employees are the important stakeholders of the company. The company generates most of its income from the Grocery, Liquor and Tobacco product wholesaling in Australia industry. At present, it employs approximately 5800 employees. ‘Metcash operates in the industry under its IGA, Supa IGA; IGA X-press and Foodland brands. Its market share is calculated using the aggregate revenue of all IGA-branded stores nationally’ (IBIS World 2016). Metcash has struggled over the past five years due to intense competition in Supermarkets and Grocery stores industry which has affected the IGA network of stores. The competition has given rise to price deflation at the retail level, which has placed downward price pressure on wholesalers and caused profitability for Metcash to decline. Following a strategic review in June 2013, Metcash announced its five years’ transformation plan in March 2014 named as project “Diamond”. The project is a five-year stratagem designed to transform its food and grocery division through competitive pricing, operation consolidation, more investment in its stores network, and growing product ranges. Furthermore, Metcash launched its working smarter program, which aims at a gross savings run rate of 100 million in…show more content…
When a company is going through such a tough trading environment as well as going through phases of strategic changes as mentioned above, there is an utter need for Metcash to investigate new approaches, to keep hold of their best employees and to enhance engagement. The company needs to strike the right balance between nurturing and enhancing employee engagement levels while at the same time not haggling their competitive

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