Metdiegetic Narrative: Extract From The Diary Of Mikhail Ilyin

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As known the metadiegetic narrator is defined as the “metadiegetic narrative is essentially a story within a story within a story.” which appears in an embedded diary entry from the point of view of the Anna’s father who gives a first person account of the events that take place on the front. The narrator begins with : “(Extract from the diary of Mikhail Ilyich Levin)” which gives information to the reader of the change in narrative voice has changed, with the purpose of them bearing in mind the whole atmosphere is also different. The use of another text type and point of view captures the attention of the reader and not only the feelings of the father are know, but also the life on the defense of the city is described. “Little fires are burning, everything 's calm and settled and almost like home” shows how the calm atmosphere the soldiers may have during the nights. “little fires burning” has a positive connotation as it gives a sense of protection from the cold winter. The phrase “almost like home” highlights how the character feels in peace by comparing it to his home. However, even if he is calm and feels protected, the word “almost” shows that it is not his house, suggesting he could be better than in that situation.This idea is reinforced with the quotation “That’s the main thing I remember from the last war. You had to make a home out of wherever you were,no matter what the place was like.” in which the idea of Mikhail having experience is presented. The mentioning

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