The Role Of Meteor In The Telecommunication Industry

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In the world of business, it is incredible to what extent a new business start-up could impact not only the industry markets as a whole but also the people in the society by providing them with relatively lower costs as a result of competition between those industries of the same sector. Meteor, filled with anticipation believed it could bring out these changes into the industry of telecommunication and expectantly provide the necessary changes. Throughout the course of this essay I will outline how these changes came about by firstly assessing the attractiveness of the Telecommunication Industry in 1998 and by analyzing the strategies Meteor used when entering into the market of telecommunications and the factors that caused Meteor to change…show more content…
This particular development process to ‘stimulate the use of mobile phones in Ireland and reduce tariffs’ (Meteor case study,2011) was spotted out by a series of other telecommunication industries, that had a view of becoming the next successful industry of telecommunications alongside Eircell and Esat Digifone. Eircell and Esat Digifone had already established themselves fully in this particular market and had already proved their strategies to be successful, Eircell had already reached as much as ‘330,000 customers, while Digifone had 80,000’ (Meteor case study,2011). However, the opening ‘applications for the third mobile network license’ (Meteor case study,2011) quite strongly impacted what is still widely know as Meteor. It had an impact on meteor in such a way that it persuaded them to compete for the license. As from Meteors’ point of view the the telecommunication industry in the year 1998 was most certainly an attractive industry, thus their reason of competing for the license. The reason why Meteor believed that the telecommunication industry in 1998 was attractive, was not solely based on just entering the market and providing more substitutional goods that had already existed. It was more based on bringing out some new changes into this particular industry of telecommunications. One of the main changes that Meteor seeked to provide was…show more content…
Whilst applying these approaches Meteor first had to invent strategies and ways of making full advantages of them. Thus seeking recognition from the youth segments, Meteor’s aim was to find new ways of further increase interests amongst the members of this segment ‘endeavouring to provide music and camera phones that this age group could afford’(Meteor case study,2011) . However, Meteor as a new company was not yet as established as the other two companies at the time were. Therefore, seeking more publicity and especially publicity of the youth market, Meteor decided (and was part of Meteor’s strategy) to sponsor what is still known as the ‘Meteor's Ireland Music Awards’. This strategy of sponsorship was very effective for this newly established company of mobile networking. The youth especially are more into music than perhaps the elder people of the society, thus sponsoring a Music Awards show would constantly have Meteor’s title mentioned. As a result it of this strategy Meteor had gained more of public’s appreciation, that had proved Meteor how effective its strategy is even up to date. Another main strategy of attracting the youth was to provide mobile phones that could be used to access their social media accounts easily. Back when Meteor first opened up in

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