Marketing Case Study: Meteor Solution

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Case overview:
The rapid development of social media has created an unprecedented opportunity for enterprises to engage in real time interaction with customers, and to enhance brand image, customer loyalty, competitiveness, growth and profitability. The growing market of these social media has made companies to develop strategies to create and extract value from this rapidly growing phenomenon. In the advent of this the present case deals with analysing the value created by the shared media and how it is generating profit or ROI for the company. In March 2009, Steve Fowler, vice president of strategy and client full service advertising agency Ayzenberg, had just completed what he considered to be one of the most innovative campaigns never
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Meteor's tracks content as it is passed-along and identifies the social audience that the shared content reaches. Using the Meteor Social Audience Marketing suite, brands can reach social audiences with relevant and targeted content; activate influencers to share this content across their social graph in exchange for special rewards; and measure and optimize campaign performance with analytics.
WOM as a tool for Meteor
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So Meteor came with this tool as the best way to capture the effectiveness of brand advertisements but it doesn’t take into account other ways of message propagation in social media.
 WOM tool is based on the understanding the patterns of the target consumers which further requires identifying influencers. The Meteor Tracker and Meteor Ignite tools helps in measuring and optimising the WOM traffic by measuring the number of messages shared, number of recipient responded and the site or media through which the responses came.
 For non-gaming products too, WOM based tool can be effective. WOM is based on the recommendations and dissuasions provided by the consumers peer group for a given product. by measuring the average sales impact of brand message and number of WOM messages it can be very effective to analyse the WOM effectiveness for non-gaming products. Besides this the two tools developed by Meteor Solution provides a way forward to capture the potential consumer of the

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