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There are 1.4 million methamphetamine users in America and the number is rising. Meth is becoming a national epidemic. Meth production contains a number of very toxic chemicals that can remain in the environment. Methamphetamine is one of the most addicting drugs, it is similar to cocaine.

According to “,”meth is an extremely addictive stimulant drug; it is chemically similar to amphetamine. Meth is a drug that can be taken by injecting it using a needle, snorting it, smoking it, orally, and dissolving it into a drink. It takes the form of a white, odorless, bitter tasting, crystallizing powder. Methamphetamine is not the only name, it is also called, chalk, ice, crystal,glass, crank, and speed. Meth is also known as a “club drug” because of the stamina it gives to the users.

Making meth a multi-step process. According to, ““”, the key ingredient in manufacturing meth is ephedrine, which is found in over the counter cough medicine. Meth is commonly made with everyday household items; such as ammonia, lye, red phosphorus scraped
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According to,”” cyrstal meth is not an aphrodisiac, it does however increase the user’s sex drive by the relaease of dopamine, causing the user to feel desiberabilty, well being and adrenaline. Chemicals in the meth impair the brain’s judgement, making the user’s do things they wouldn’t normally do sober; such as not using condoms while having intercourse. Meth users that use needles to shoot up meth and aren’t wearing condoms are at risk for contracting diseases such as, AIDS, Hepatitis C, and much more. Since meth addicts have more energy, sex is longer and more aggressive, which increases the chance of an injury. Although meth increase the addicts sexual desires, and stamina; meth decrease the user’s performance. For heavy meth user’s the ability to achieve an organsm is not

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