Meth Short Stories

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Did you ever see any other drugs in the motel room other than weed? Rocky said no. Did you see sums of money? He said he did see money. Did anyone at any point have meth? Rocky said not that he knows of. He said if they did they would have done it in the bathroom. The draw string bag, shoe bag, who did that belong to? Rocky said that was his. He said it had a broken glass pipe in it. I said it sure did. Rocky said that was his pipe. It was the pipe he used to smoke crystal out of two days ago. Does Nubs use meth? He said he knows somewhat he does and somewhat he doesn’t. How do you somewhat know he does use meth? Rocky said because of how he walks around and acts and talks real fast. The way he doesn’t know if he uses is because he can sit there real still and relax. I recapped the story Rocky had told me. I then began to point out inconsistencies between his version of the story and Kayla’s version of the story. Kayla told me, you and a girl, whose name starts with a “T”, pull up in the car and ask Kayla to come to The Catalina. Kayla is okay with this and wants to go to The Catalina with you all to hang out. When she gets to The Catalina is when Nubs gets pissed off at her, pulls out the gun, and assaults her with it. She said you were there and you knew this was going on. Rocky said he…show more content…
He said just Nubs, Kayla and him. When he saw him slam her head into the bed was when he left and walked that other girl to her apartment. What else did you see Nubs do? Nubs told Kayla he wanted his money. I asked Rocky to be honest with me and tell me if he ever saw Nubs with a gun. Rocky said he saw Nubs with something in his hand. He thought it was a knife at first. At first you thought it was a knife, when did that change? Rocky said when he heard Nubs tell Kayla he would shoot her in the leg. Did he ever shoot her or try to shoot her? Rocky said not that he knows
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